Virtual Artist Talk: ENTRECUERPOS

Sunday, November 15th 12–1PM

Zoom in with curators Juan Arango Palacios and Moises Salazar

With Artists: Vani Aguilar, Juan Arango Palacios, Haylie Jimenez, Sydnie Jimenez, Moises Salazar

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ENTRECUERPOS explores the complexity that is generated by the layering of intersectional identities within a diasporic experience. Coming from varying latinx backgrounds, including Mexican, Chicanx, Dominican, and Colombian origins, these artists are using their cultural pasts to claim an identity in a space where their existence is usually marginalized. Growing up in the United States, these artists respond to their cultural distancing to re-contextualize the concept of home by the representation of figures in fantastical and idealized environments. Safety and self-preservation become driving forces used by the artists as methods of resistance to the actuality of the artist’s lives and social status. Each artist challenges their relationship with the art historical perception of the figure to broaden and defy social assumptions about queerness, femme identity, masculine identity, brownness, and migratory status through their use and interpretation of material. The objects in the exhibition will include screen-prints by Haylie Jimenez, Ceramic sculpture by Sydnie Jimenez, and paintings by Vani Aguilar, Juan Arango Palacios, and Moises Salazar.