Tangential States: An Afternoon of Readings

Saturday, June 22nd at 1 PM
Free Event

As an expansion to the ideas circulating in the exhibition Strained States, Tangential States brings together a group of artists and writers who push our thoughts elsewhere. Their words evoke notions of embodiment, memory, objecthood, familial ties, and spatiality, while simultaneously adding new layers and lenses for reading the artworks included the exhibition. Come come come.

Readings by:
Elena Ailes
Cameron Clayborn
Joelle Mercedes
Anna Martine Whitehead
Maggie Wong

Coffee donated by La Colombe and pastries by Artemios

Strained States is a group exhibition that translates the snowballing precariousness of global politics into an operative position of instability, one that attempts to acknowledge new subjectivities and methods for living in a groundless present. Playing with identity, form, and material, the artists included take up transition, ambiguity, and the erosion of limits as core interests in their practices. The show is a gesture towards understanding the complexity of our attachments, as well as the state of instability beyond its negative connotations, seeing it instead as a generative position to occupy with rigor, curiosity, and pleasure.