Canciones de mi Padre

Canciones de mi Padre

On view: October 21st to November 27th, 2022

Opening: Friday, October 21st, 7–11PM

Virtual Artist Talk: Sunday, November 13th, 12–1PM

With works by: Lisette Bustamante, Elvia Carreon, Moises Salazar, Ále Campos

Canciones de mi Padre is an ode to the complicated relationship that women and Queer identifying folks can have with the paternal figures in their lives.  Using Linda Ronstadt’s 1987 album ‘Canciones de Mi Padre’ as conceptual inspiration, the artist in the exhibition presents works that are an homage to paternal ancestral lineage. Reflecting on personal experiences, the participating artists address the duality of how paternal figures were sometimes our first source of protection, safety, and adoration but also the same people that held outdated ideals of gender and identity that have been detrimental to our upbringing.

Centering the important role music plays in Latinx identity, the exhibition parallels Linda Ronstadt’ album of the same name. Meant to be Ronsadt’s way to honor her father’s Mexican ancestry, the album is a collection of traditional folkloric songs. Similarly, the exhibition serves as a space to confront paternal relationships and challenge paternal legacy. This will be echoed by having the works titled after influential songs, relating to familial relationships, and it will culminate in the exhibition serving as an album. 

Recognizing how taboo it is to speak ill of one’s parents in most communities, the exhibition Canciones de mi Padre, wishes to bring forward the adoration, resentment, love, disappointment, and content that we may feel towards our parents/guardians as we have matured into adults. The exhibition acknowledges the social pressure that we as children experienced as we navigated our family’s history, our parents’ trauma, and our cultural responsibilities. Each artist responds to their own personal facets of their paternal relationship and creates works to recognize their experiences with the aim to manifest restorative energy.