Align & Manifest: A Self-Awareness & Manifesting Workshop

Saturday January 18th from 12-2 PM

Facilitated by Rhonda Wheatley

In “Align & Manifest” we’ll discuss the basics of manifesting and explore the concept of “alignment” while getting at the root of unproductive thought habits that may block us from attracting what we want. Rhonda will lead a writing exercise and guided meditation to help us become more “magnetic” to what we want to create in our lives. You’ll leave this workshop with tools and practices to continue the work on your own. To participate, just bring a notebook, pen, and an open mind!

Rhonda Wheatley is a multidisciplinary artist, educator, and energy healer whose projects are grounded in the speculative and metaphysical. She connects with the public through her visual and written works, workshops, and interactive performances to promote healing, personal transformation, and consciousness expansion.