UnCommon opening reception

02/19/2010 - 7:00pm
02/19/2010 - 11:00pm

Artists: Marissa Benedict, Christopher Bradley, Scott Carter, Lauren Carter, Younghwan Choi, Colleen Coleman, Allison Fall, Elise Goldstein, Katya Grokhovsky, Samantha Hill, Holly Holmes, Scott Jarrett, Selena Jones, Maya Mackrandilal, Lisa Nonken, Luis Palacios, Ben Stagl, Stephanie Victa, Andrew Norm Wilson

Contemporary Sculpture is an increasingly intriguing notion, defining it is a somewhat useless activity. However, on the night of February 19th,, 2010, nineteen artists will make an attempt with performances, installations, photographs, sculptures, videos, sound and drawings. The artists work towards common goals and are situated inside un-common territories. Notions of site and space specifics, place and dislocation, memory and architecture, the body and utopian worlds, everydayness and un-familiar grounds collide and diverge. One night event, followed by two days of an exhibition.

Contact: Katya Grokhovsky katyagrokhovsky@gmail.com 773-681-1157

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