Sixty Inches from Center: "Breaking the Surface at Heaven Gallery"

Sixty Inches from Center: Breaking the Surface at Heaven Gallery

Written by Reed Everette 

“An image is an image, and sincerity is in the shuffle” 

—Erin Hayden in conversation with Max Guy

Erin Hayden and Max Guy’s exhibition Cups Swords and Eyes may be at Heaven Gallery, but its concerns are altogether earthly. The techniques are playful and quick, the style ranging and unpretentious, the materials...

Fête Galante: Chicago Reader

An art party of women artists opens at Heaven Gallery.
By S. Nicole Lane 

Gwendolyn Zabicki began thinking up the exhibition “Fête Galante” while in Paris in 2016 after seeing Antoine Watteau’s Pilgrimage to Cythera at the Louvre. The paintings in that part of the museum are “joyful and beautiful and the first group of paintings in the museum that felt really modern to me,” says Zabicki. After visiting the museum, she began...

Culture as Disruption: The Petty Biennial.2 Claps Back at the Hegemonic Art World

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Fed up by the hegemonic, large-scale art biennials that proliferate year after year, local curators Sadie Woods and La Keisha Leek launched The Petty Biennial in 2017. The two didn’t envision the project as an actual biennial; they saw it as a one-off artistic intervention, a space where they could work with artists who are pushed to the margins of the mainstream art world.


Chicago Reader Staff Pick: Best art gallery

Saturday, November 6


Chicago is a lucky spot for people who like emerging and otherwise overlooked visual art. We have a bunch of college programs in the area that recruit and keep globally savvy artists in our midst, and a bevy of nonprofit institutions that work hard to support both challenging art and the artists who make it. While you can still find groupings of galleries clustered together in some...

‘I Feel Like I’m Burying My Neighborhood’: Wicker Park’s Cultural Scene Is A Shell Of What It Once Was. Can A Group Of Artists Save What’s Left?

Alma Wieser, director of Heaven Gallery, wants to create a sustainable arts center in Wicker Park by using a Community Land Trust model.

WICKER PARK — When Heaven Gallery was founded in 1997, it was one of many local galleries that made Wicker Park the arts capital of Chicago.

Over the years, however, most artists and gallery owners left the neighborhood. They could no longer afford the skyrocketing residential and...