Virtual Artist Talk: Inflorescence

Virtual Artist Talk: Inflorescence

Sunday October 3rd 12-1pm 
Meeting ID: 89550303390
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Come join the organizers of Inflorescence for a virtual artist talk on their current show. 

Organized by: Rachael Bos, Richard Medina, CJ Shaw, and Max Capus 

Artists: Annabelle Dunstan, Audrey Leshay, Caley Buck, Cassidy Early, CJ Shaw, Emily Yamaguchi, Gala Prudent, Max Capus, Jan Simmonds, Jeffrey Michael Austin, Rachael Bos, Richard Medina, Sendra Uebele, Taylor Augustine

The title Inflorescence comes from the botanical term for the clustering of leaves and flowers on a plant. This notion of specific grouping and arranging is present in each artists’ practice, either in their research processes, their approaches to composition, or their conceptual frameworks. Each work presents its own interconnected net of information that ensnares viewers and places them in a web of specific colors, shapes, references, and punchlines. The selected works in combination complicate the distinction between generic and personal imagery.